Open Source Customization

Harness the Power of Open Sources & Lower Your Development Cost

Turbocharging Digital Transformation

Increase business revenues with a typically 40% Reduced Cost over commercial solutions. A Scalable, Flexible option for wide user base businesses that meets specific eCommerce needs, simply as one requires.

Where the Customer is the King, Customization is the mannerism. The world of e-commerce is no exception to this success key. Therefore, there exists the concept of Open Source Customization. Free from the clutches of specific layout and working pattern found in closed source software, Open Source Customization awards your clients the seamless experience. Leveraging this technique bestows your software with not only the malleability but cost effectiveness too.

With the Open Source Customization mantra, the Content Management System or scripts such as Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, and so on a software, app, or website can be personalized to one’s specific need and wish. This extensively reduces the development cost and helps you to get the software, app, or website designed with fully integrated features. As the code is already available for the developers, the time required for creation or bug fixation in open source customization is comparatively less. Making changes in the application or upgrading new features is easy too. The wide range of templates ensures that specific requirements for each business are covered.

Developers at TechExcel are experienced in using various platforms for open source customization. With us, you can expect less turnaround time for your website, especially when your business diary requires strict adherence to schedule. We bring to you utilitarian functions and services in line with your business needs. Lifelong technical support and affordable rates help us foster our business terms stronger. We offer sure shot solutions and services in:

01. Magento Development

Deploying appropriate Magento templates. Managing specific modules on web store to enhance its work efficiency. Understanding need of your website and integrating services and functions. Providing customization services for increased conversion rates, improved loading speed of your online store, and enhanced user experience.

02. Prestashop Development

Building stores, features or themes with PrestaShop’s open source software. Enhancing shopping cart experience for both merchants and customers, incorporating major payment services, integrating translation in many languages and localization features for many countries. Offering a fully responsive design.

03. Shopify

Domain naming, branding and customizing your online store. Managing Products inventory, variations, Import/Export, etc. Enhancing the Shopping Cart experience. Managing your online store, payments gateways, and shipments etc. Web hosting. Marketing, SEO- and Web Analytics. Offering Mobile App with products, inventory, orders, and customers all synced.

04. WordPress Development

Integrating third-party plug-in, adding extensions, maintenance, redesigning the themes to redefine your brand image and enhancing the value of your website, and getting your website responsive.

05. Joomla Development

Incorporating useful features and plugins in your website via PHP, SQL, MySQL, Ajax, JQuery, and Apache Web server. Adding third-party extensions. Joomla custom module development for complete and tight security of your website.

Our Work

Open Source is the Future – Fast Development & Lower Cost of Ownership

Empowering brands with proven delivery models, bringing substantial reduction in engineering efforts and costs by using open source customization.

Follow Your Curiosity. Open Source helps businesses who dare to create things out in the open for all to share and build upon. We love open source, and you’ll love it too!

Case Studies

Queen Deli

An Authentic Italian Delicatessen Essence Deli with a Stellar Reputation, in the Safari Capital of Kenya


A well-established martial arts studio with over 15 years of experience

Beyond Fruits Ltd

A fresh fruits & veggies supply company in Nairobi with an ethos to provide healthy & simple access of nature’s gifts for all