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    Globally, there are over 2.5 billion proud smartphone owners. This indicates a huge market for mobile app development and related products. If you’ve got an idea for these smart citizens and their smartphones, we can assist you to create that into reality. We’ve got the passion to develop the app for you right here at TechExcel, one of the best mobile app development companies in Dubai, Dubai and Ireland. We master both- the native mobile apps created for just Play Store or App Store, and the hybrid apps that can run on iOS and Android devices alike. TechExcel can help you make a truly smart move with opting a right kind of app in line of your business.

    The old school screens and keyboards are no more required to run a successful business, you can do it with your smartphone. Everything is just a click away nowadays. This fascinates us the most and brings us in this industry to establish a trusted mobile app development company in Dubai,and around the globe.

    We are all ears when it comes to discussing new concepts and requirements on mobile app development. From this, we understand the specific need your app will address, what audience you’re targeting at, and so forth. Then we move to the next step and that is Analysis for the mobile app development. We sniff through the realm of mobile applications to analyze the competition to give you an edge over them. Here’s when we talk about the UI/UX design of your app which is a crucial part of app development. Be assured to work with the best mobile app development company in Dubai that offers its dedicated services to you, around the world. We are dedicated to give you the best experience in the industry.

    Native Mobile Apps Development

    If your need is a mobile app that is dominantly fast, more secure and runs smoother, or if you may be aiming to explore a specific feature of certain mobile phones then, we have got a team for native mobile apps development in Apple and Android. Our dedicated native mobile app developers for the iOS devise a code written in Objective C and Swift programming languages. Whereas, apps developed for Play Store are ciphered in Java & C++.

    Making a native mobile app requires the code to be written separately for each platform, obviously requiring more resources including time. Our modus operandi has been clear: On-time deliverables. After all – Time is Money!

    Hybrid Mobile Apps Development

    When you target smartphone users irrespective of their devices, you have got an ocean of opportunities lying ahead. You can grab them with the hybrid mobile apps, that too without spending a whopping sum of your money. Hybrid apps are less expensive than Native apps, for all it needs is to maintain single source code and developer. Thankfully, you don’t have to invest time and energy too, in locating any other mobile app developers, as TechExcel has proved its dominance in this sector also. Through the different frameworks like the Ionic Framework, React Native Framework, and Flutter Framework our team boasts of having the know-how in adding specific customs to a hybrid mobile app, which is not possible otherwise, as it is with native apps. Here’s what, why, and when about it.

    Making a native mobile app requires the code to be written separately for each platform, obviously requiring more resources including time. Our modus operandi has been clear: On-time deliverables. After all- Time is Money!

    Why Flutter

    Flutter is a framework powered by Google for developing hybrid applications with the quality of native applications. So, you get the extensive level of performance on Apple or Android devices for your app. It also allows you to add a number of widgets and features to your apps.

    Why Ionic Framework

    Simply put, when you want a hybrid mobile app for Android and iOS devices, and eventually would like to extend it to web and desktop based apps, ionic framework makes app creation lightning fast! In addition, being wrapped by Cordova or PhoneGap we get the perks of its plug-ins for using the native feature of devices.

    Why is React Native

    If you’re anxious about the UI of your app than anything else then, we go for React Native framework. Our experience echoes the testimonies of the best mobile app. Apps designed with React Native have quick loading time, a UI that’s highly responsive, and has native components that dodge it ahead of others.

    Our Work

    For the Love of Apps

    We love making iOS & Android apps that users will engage, play with and talk about.

    Our aim with every project is to create a digital experience and deliver an app that exceeds users’ expectations.

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