Smart product search affects your sales Triple your Website’s Conversion Ratio
Optimized Search Mechanism

Increased product visibility, seamless integration, marketplace intelligence

AI Powered Smart Language

Multilingual, Automatic Grammar check, pre-feeded product query library

Advanced Product Relevance based on user activity

Best-selling item view, Faster funnel-based catalog, Product similarity segmentation

Augmented Reality has made it possible for businesses to showcase their business virtually in a uniquely beautiful way.

Without getting too deep into technical aspect, Image tracking is enabled with Computer Vision technology to detect and augment images. Connect objects in the real world with Digital and 3D visualization experiences.

An industry specific AR solution of TechImage allows you to create visual experiences powered by Image recognition and AR on its own.

TechImage, our Augumented Reality-based visualization tool, is the smart way to present Industrial products. The entailed features are: