Conversational AI for Better Experiences Leverage the power of AI to Scale Customer Support

Machine Learning

smart, self-learning, getting smarter over time


Gives personal touch to your customers

Unlimited capabilities

From simple product queries to completing sales order

Machine Learning-based Chat Bot – smart, self-learning, getting smarter over time.

We love when technology keeps up with human intelligence and serves convenience of information needed.. To uphold this thought we have an Artificial Intelligence curated Chatbot, a customized intelligence tool, that is built from scratch to understand your marketing requirements and present to your audience with the best solutions that they seek on your platform. . It is a smart bot that self learns based on your patterns, inputs, and working styles to make your audience’s time effortless to help them navigate seamlessly on your platform.. And also, needless to say, this bot is under continuous development to serve with bespoke customizations to suit your industry’s market needs. b. Personalization for a complete customer experience with a real-time marketing engine

Hand-customized for your business – gives personal touch to your customers

TechChat personalizes customer experience with a one-to-one automated resolvance for the support your customer seeks around the clock. The future is conversation, hence a personalized Chatbot will empower how new customers will discover and interact with your business. Personalization is also about company profits, which TechChat’s innovative technology brings to the table, depending on what the customer clicks on, TechChat can show another set of options to choose from with pre-defined questions and responses. This in turn overhauls service, helps generate revenue, offer advice, recommend better, products or help navigate within your website. A multi-functional intelligent representative for your business, what more could you ask for?

Automated Empathetic intelligence and tolerant to grammatical mistakes

Customer support is essentially important and so is an effective customer chat experience. Hence our TechChat is designed to communicate with human users by means of natural language based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Emotions are what make us humans human, and that it should be given its due importance. By recognizing, tracking, analyzing, and measuring queries, language tone, chat patterns and replies, TechChat is able to interpret you customer’s interest in your product or service. Staying ahead of your competition is going to require your customer support to be better than most, hence an elusive Emotional Quotient is just the 24/7/365 kind of support you need to represent your brand.

Multilingual support – language is not a barrier anymore

We believe in customer experiences and understand that your audience can stumble upon your service from any part of the world, at any time. Hence it is a no-brainer for you to need multilingual customer support tool. And TechChat has just that. Multilingual customer support can not only lead to more positive experiences but can also help you build a reputation in the industrial community. According to our research, almost 29% of businesses have lost customers because of language barrier. Hence, we offer multilingual support so that we create a flow of ideas and brainstorm the best possible solutions without the hurdles of languages.

Unlimited capabilities – from simple product queries to completing sales order

TechExcel via this Digital Marketing Chatbot tool, offers a wide horizon of services to assist you right from the basics to bespoke, from queries ranging from product information to sales. Our efficient and capable team has put together a buffet of services carefully curated, in this one tool to assist you in any and all kinds of requirements you may be seeking for. Name the function/problem/thoughtsand TechExcel will consult you with the best solution integration into this all-in-one tool. !

Fully configurable to accommodate your marketing requirements

We believe in partnership. Your business, our ideas, your requirements, our solutions.. Your thoughts are appreciated to blend into your business requirements to customize TechChat so as to assist you with a number of functions like provide customer resolutions, qualify leads, grow your pipeline by engaging customer experience, showing off top products, promoting special discounts, and clear navigation assistance on you web platform. A curated customized bot by you, to scale every part of your business.

Cross-platform Integration into your website, mobile app, or any other software

TechExcel not only develops TechChat to fit your business requirements, it also integrates and easily configures it with other systems or platforms in line of your business applications. TechChat’s solution is designed specifically to integrate with any internal company database or third party database for your end-user to have appropriate human-like responses. A possible omnichannel Chatbot that can serve your customers across all digital channels of your business, if that’s what you need.